April 19th CVP raw data Cognitive Mapping Exercise Summary of Assets Marked on Maps

Cognitive Mapping Exercise Summary of Assets Marked on Maps

This is what each person viewed as their community and the assets in that community.

Alle-Kiski Valley depicted as center hub for Butler, Kittanning, Indiana, Greensburg, and Pittsburgh
The River-A Community Church, Westmoreland Community College, Post Office, West Haven Nursing Home
The River, Arnold, New Kensington, and Lower Burrell
The Chamber of Commerce, Arnold, Allegheny Township, New Kensington, Lower Burrell, Upper Burrell, Plum Boro
The River, Arnold, New Kensington, Lower Burrell
A Map of the business district of New Ken-Mount St. Peter Community Clothes Closet, 9th Street bridge, Industrial Blvd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Avenues-with a note Lots of wonderful buildings that need to be utilized
A map of New Kensington featuring New Ken Hill, Freeport Rd, McCargo St, Constitution Blvd., 9th Street and the New Ken Bridge
The River, Shopping district, and railroad
Rt 28, the River, the Turnpike, New Ken Business district, Valley High School & VoTech, Memorial Park
The River, New Kensington, Arnold, Upper Burrell, Lower Burrell, Allegheny Township, Freeport Theater
The A-K Valley —arts, creative endeavors, close to Pittsburgh, outdoors and nature, the rivers, Values-)religion, family, traditions) schools (higher education and other), low cost of living
The Allegheny River
New Kensington, Arnold, and Lower Burrell
Wolf Pack Park, Penn State new Kensington, Burrell lake Park, the Allegheny River, Westmoreland County Community College-New Kensington Education Center, Memorial Park, YMCA , Pittsburgh Mills
Arnold, New Kensington, and Lower Burrell
The Hospital, Valley High School, Fort Crawford Elementary School, people, churches, roadways
New Kensington, Arnold, Lower Burrell, the River, the railroad, Kmart (businesses),people
A map of the 800 block of 5th Avenue, New Kensington featuring various stores and vacant buildings and properties,
Map showing area of middle-class, area of poverty, and an area of poverty and middle-class mix
Downtown New Kensington, H.D. Berkey school, the Middle School, Valley High school, Martin Elementary School, and Fort Crawford Elementary School.
Churches, YMCA, parks, schools, people
Memorial Park, Valley stadium, Valley High School, Churches, the track, the River, Sheetz
A map featuring the Parnassus area of New Kensington,
Hope, promise, humor, cooperation, recreation, faith, determination, revitalization, civic involvement, youth.
Education, businesses, “everything can change, but it must start with you”
The 15068 area
The Lincoln Beach area featuring 2 churches
The 4 corners community region-the intersection of Allegheny, Westmoreland, Armstrong, and Butler Counties
The downtown New Kensington Area, parks, YMCA, the Arts,
Allegheny River-fuller use of river access, mixed use, rental, condos, expanding boating-turning empty spaces into more green spaces i.e. community gardens, selling produce to residents or getting organically certified and selling to regional restaurants


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