April 19th CVP raw data summary of nominal group technique question

Summary of Nominal Group Technique Question
Future Story Community Visioning Project
19 April 2013 WCCC New Ken

The question was: What assets or opportunities can we capitalize upon to create our future story?

Civic organizations
Senior citizens
Puckety and Little Puckety Creek
Community Gardens
Farmers markets
River front development
Small business growth (entrepreneur incentives)
Network and collaboration on specific goals
People interest in future growth
Community resources
Dedicated commitment to creating change
No city debt in New Ken
Walkable streets
Small business opportunities
Redevelopment authority
Create atmosphere that attracts
People YMCA Churches all of which are strong part of community
Low cost area to live and work
Still much undeveloped land
Help the YMCA continue to grow and expand to offer more services
New Ken is debt free
Grow the number of people to motivate change
Improve school district
Develop the river front
Promote vacant property to small professional businesses i.e. lawyers, doctors, real estate, insurance
Give up retail idea
Increase recreational opportunities
Increase cultural opportunities
Community members
Increase partnerships around existing social services
Community gardens
Unrealized property
Educational opportunities
Career Training Academy
Citizens Nursing School
There is also a good health care system meaning not only are there health clinics, but there is also dentists, mental health services such as Family Services, Behavioral Health, Greenbrier, also Citizens Hospital
There are many empty lots and buildings that could help build up business in New Ken if someone could help facilitate that.
I believe the main point is education, because those who are younger represent the future, if you give them a community they can be proud of we can build a …
Empty lots –green spaces
Waterways—travel, access to other parts of the community
Train tracks—rail system
People—kind and caring, great love for their town
Parks—activities for families and the community as a whole
Small businesses
Buildings—bring back the charm of the cities
Youth—get them more involved so they will have pride for their hometowns
Support expansion of YMCA
Develop riverfront
Create service oriented business district of professional, restaurant, and quaint shops-not retail
Encourage /promote use of and expand walkability of the streets
Create bicycle safe pathways
Promote affordable housing to increase family ownership, preventing the increase of non-resident landlords.
Define a “redevelopment project zone” to rid community of dilapidated buildings encouraging new development of “bullet 3”
Improve public transportation to provide access in for use of “bullet 3” but more importantly to ease access out for those needing employment elsewhere.
Established infrastructure of living (homes), educational, recreational, healthcare, and industry
Natural resources-water and green spaces
Continue to develop, expand or right size other resources such as transportation, retail and support services, to improve access
Faith communities-identify and service unmet needs
Diverse community from [various] ethnic, economic, and faith backgrounds
Return to the principle of helping the current/next generations to do better than their predecessors
Attracting/ retaining/ supporting young professionals
Desire of those in Pittsburgh neighborhoods to expand or move in search of more affordable place for home and or a business (good example if this is Fresh Heirlooms in New Ken which moved from Lawrenceville)
There is a large volunteer/community development base-mobilize these individuals even more in an effort to help those in poverty rise up
The riverfront is currently underutilize and presents unique opportunity for development
Find ways to capitalize on low cost of living and affordable housing
Better engage the successful (i.e. middle and upper class) to develop ideas for redevelopment for which they may have greater network
Foster young and small business development by encouraging mentor-like relationships with those established business people
Approaching larger companies to invest in our community by offering a list of pending or current assets such as: rail being offered by 2017, lower property taxes, federal programs to give tax abatement for HUD zones, river transportation.
Work with current large employers to increase and include their involvement in recruiting local students to fill their positions
Approach builders to consider developing riverfront properties to house an aging but active population, recreation, and businesses.
Centralize a tourism ad campaign that draws visitors to the local parks, trails, and recreation facilities.
Approach retailers with available empty properties.
Available education facilities to train the population in jobs and skills
Available non-profit groups can assist those in need with life skills and needs
Our available empty lots and store fronts can be rehabilitated using people who need skills like that so they can be in “move-in” condition for businesses.
Use our eager enthusiastic residents to promote the areas benefits to businesses who are looking to expand. Have people explain the benefits of the area for business growth.
Promote the tight business district as a sustainable and green one-the area is walkable with all the needed amenities-grocery stores, library, shopping, churches, post office, schools, senior center, and restaurants.
Promote the history, the outdoors, the creativity, theater, music endeavors, and promote the ton as a hotspot for those attractions
Housing affordable and available
Recreational opportunities parks
Railroad tracks
Technical schools
Community leaders
Diverse population
Social services
Affordable housing
National historic district
Talents of youth/students to improve quality of life in the community-beautification, helping your neighbors
Bring together faith-based organizations to do the same
Schools and human service organizations to assist in educating and empowering
Ultimately market area as a community for business opportunities-emphasize the river, rail, infrastructure, environment
Churches/Christians of different faiths and churches willing to meet to pray for the community and the efforts of the Big View
Inter-community gatherings/ activities-clean-up days, home upgrades for needy where groups work to help like HFH does
Random acts of kindness where groups of like-minded people such as those attending Circles’ Big View come together to meet certain unmet needs of others
Using vacant land to start a community garden
We have adequate access to water, both via the river for recreation or movement of goods or aqua-culture and via public water freely available
We have a diverse well-educated work force
We have vacant land and vacant buildings that could house a huge number of businesses
We need to support the commuter train as it is an opportunity to get people into our area to work as well as give us an opportunity to get quickly to Pittsburgh
We need to capitalize on the reality that we have two colleges, by making it possible for students to take 2 years at WCCC and transfer to PSNK for the completion of a four-year degree without loss of credit
Tap into the creativity and energy of all of our citizens
Attract creative people by creating space for artists and musicians
Build on what is left of ethnic heritage being sure to include all ethnicities
Build stronger connections between WCCC, PSNK, Votech and other schools
Reaffirm a commitment to keeping a walkable and bike-able community (multi-mode mass transit)
Encourage more people of color to get involved in leadership and local government


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