April 19th CVP raw data Top 3 opportunities identified by nominal group technique question.

Top 3 opportunities identified by nominal group technique question.

The question was, “What assets or opportunities can we capitalize upon to create our future story?

1. Mass transit
2. Local opportunities
3. Small business and industry
1. Riverfront property
2. Availability of unused property
3. Colleges and Technical Schools
1. Existing infrastructure
2. Churches
3. Student and youth talents
1. Cultural and Historic assets
2. Public schools and community college
3. Diversity in age of residents
1. Partnering with existing social services
2. Utilize local talent
3. Develop community gardens, farmers markets
1. Support and expand the YMCA
2. Desire for Change
3. Churches and Schools
1. Penn State New Ken, WCCC
2. Riverfront property
3. River fresh water

For the sake of analysis I have grouped these into the following categories.
Geographical assets- The River
Physical assets-existing infrastructure, unused property, cultural and historical assets, small business and industry, mass transit
Social assets-Churches and a network of social services, the Y
Educational assets- WCCC, PSNK, and local schools
Human assets-local talent, desire for change, students and youth, diversity in age
With local opportunities left on its own-it would seem to fit most of the categories.


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