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Transformation Requires More Then Doing Things for People and Neighborhoods


For transformation to take place people and neighborhoods must decide they want something different then what they currently have. Then they must care enough that they are willing to do something about it to see the change take place. If that desire and action are not there then no matter what we do for others might be good but generally transformation does not take place. Transformation comes from inside people themselves and neighborhoods

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Article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review “From Vision to Action”

This Stanford Social Innovation Review Article FROM VISION TO ACTION includes an excerpt from the book, Paying the Homeless to Stand Outside Your Business: Schenectady Bridges Project Turns Poverty Upside Down.

Interview with Michael Saccocio, conducted by Jesse Conrad

Michael Saccocio is executive director and CEO of City Mission in Schenectady, New York, which has taken the lead in a movement to implement Bridges Out of Poverty (Payne, DeVol, & Dreussi-Smith, 2006) concepts in a variety of helping organizations in the broader Schenectady area.

It shows how one community uses Bridges Constructs to find unique solutions.

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Youth as an Asset to Sustainability Sucess |

While a primary benefactor of building a more sustainable community is the its youth, engaging this target group may be more easily said than done. However there are communities who have experienced success in this feat – some having utilized innovative ways of doing it – and have found it to be an invaluable endeavor.

More resources for engaging youth in sustainability initiatives:



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Cash Mobs: A Tool for Growing Local Economies and Farmers Markets |

Cash Mobs are a type of Flash Mob; where citizens are rallied via social networks to sing, dance or engage in unexpected performance art. A Cash Mob builds upon the Flash Mob by asking participants to spend $20 to help local businesses which in this case was the Alachua County 441 Farmers Market. The spirit of a Cash Mob is: “We each do a little. We all do a lot.” By joining forces in the community, we have a greater impact than singular actions could.

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Pop Up Stores |

In Birmingham, Alabama, a small number of local merchants are selling their products from temporary stores in vacant storefronts downtown as part of a “pop-up shops” initiative. The initiative is part of a greater “pop-up-project” that is intended to find temporary uses for vacant storefronts and lots downtown and support other short-term projects that create energy in the city center. The goal of the greater initiative, which sometimes is referred to as “guerrilla urbanism,” is to encourage foot and bicycle traffic downtown and use temporary projects to foster permanent change.

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Crowdfunding Lends a Hand to Civic Projects |

This might be an idea for local projects as well.

Crowdfunding is undergoing a transformation. Typically used for individual causes or organizations (disaster relief, political campaigns, company funding, artist fan support, etc.), civic projects are now taking advantage of what crowdfunding has to offer. Defined as the collective effort of individuals who pool their money to support efforts jump-started by other people or organizations, most crowdfunding takes place over the Internet. There are multiple websites devoted purely to crowdfunding, like Kickstarter, Mosaic and Citizinvestor.

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Community Event-Kinloch Unites Community Fair

Community Fair

Hosted by

Kinloch Unites, WEDIG (Westmoreland Initiative for Growth) and Lower Burrell City

Free and Open to the Public!

Where: Kinloch Fireman’s Park

When: Saturday August 17th 10am-4pm

What: Children’s Activities

              Crafts for Sale



              Chili Cook-off

Note: Vendor space for crafters, vendors and businesses is free for Lower Burrell residents and businesses, others are asked for a $10.00 donation.

Vendors call 724.212.3846 or send a message at the Kinloch Unites Facebook page.

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